Sunset Photo Tour

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Adult Ages 14+

Discover Lanzarote at Sunset

Sunset Photo Safari is a great way to say goodbye to another beautiful day in Lanzarote
It’s all about photographing at the best time of the day

The excitement begins as you explore the island in the afternoon sun and stop at a location for stunning images of this enchanting island. Your photography location will be selected based on weather and light conditions to make sure you are in the best place possible.
Guided by local photographers who love photography and will share the hidden places no one else will take you to. As experienced photography guides, they will assist you with pro photo tips whether you are using a mobile phone, pocket camera or DSLR.
Experienced photographers will appreciate all of the unique locations and those who are new to photography will like the simple non-technical hands-on approach to learning to take photos. We are committed to you capturing stunning images. All the photos displayed were taken while on the Sunset Photo Safari.
However please keep in mind that the locations could be changed to accommodate the season and the weather. We get you to the best spots possible for that particular day.