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Behind the Camera: What’s a Photo Safari?

blonde girl taking a picture

Photo Safari offers something unique on Lanzarote. We like to call it “photo hunting”. This is our island and we know it inside out. On any one of our amazing safaris, for about 4 hours we’ll show you the best places, the most stunning views, so

You can “hunt” the perfect picture.

“We did two trips with Tony and Alex,on the south of the island, I learnt so much in just 2 days with my new camera, we saw parts of the island we didn’t know were there. Highly recommended! They treated us like long life friends. Will be going back next year for sure!”
– Kelly Nicholls, UK, TripAdvisor.

No car, map or previous information needed

The itineraries that we have developed and the places where we stop are selected so that we have enough time to take photos and to relax and enjoy the view along the way.

Being behind the camera and on the picture

And even though you’re behind the camera and taking pictures, you will be in the photos that will remind you of your Photo Safari trip in Lanzarote, too! All our pictures of you during the tour you’ll receive by e-mail.

The most important thing for us is to ensure that you have fun and enjoy the day. We are normal guys with a sense of humor, always happy to meet new people.people.

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