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6 Reasons to Visit Lanzarote During Winter


Far away from bustling megapolises Lanzarote is one of Spain’s most tranquil and beautiful island destinations. Its subtropical temperatures and stunning beaches make it among the most desired destinations for European tourism. Lanzarote is the easternmost island and perhaps the most fascinating of them all, as its volcanic origin has left an unique captivating landscape. As the nights are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping down, everyone is searching for holiday destinations which will leave you bronzed without ruining your skin. This volcanic isle offers such solution.Here are the reasons why to go tо Lanzarote this winter:

1. The weather – winter sunshine

One of the major advantages of Lanzarote in the winter is the weather – it’s not boiling hot but it is comfortably warm meaning that you can cast off those woolly layers of clothing in favor of some lighter ones. With average temperatures between 19°C and heights of 22°C in December, year-round sunshine and very low rainfall throughout the year, it provides an escape from the winter chill and real joy of balmy Lanzarote’s evenings. Both in our North and South tours we are always prepared with an extra jacket for those who eventually forget theirs because of the warm days.

So, if you are looking for some summer sun, why not spend Christmas next to a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree! CONTACT US

2. It´s not overly crowded

Lanzarote is pretty unpopulated by tourists during the winter, so you can really enjoy the island without too many people spoiling it for you. The island is incredibly tranquil. It’s such a relaxing place to visit in the off-season. Life can be pretty hectic at times and when on holiday you really want to make the most of it and to chill out. Lanzarote is just the perfect place to do that in winter. Nevertheless we plan our northern and southern itinerary in order to avoid the most visited tourist places, in the winter is much easier to stay away from the crowd.

Photographer La Caleta blanca Lanzarote3. It´s cheaper

Spending your vacation during the winter, in other words during the off- season, is always more economical. Lanzarote also applies to this rule. However, the advantage is that there are beaches waiting for you! Airfares, hotels and apartments’s prices are significantly lower. What could have been better than being on a sunny island during the winter, bronzed without breaking the bank?

4. More local feast day celebration

From September to May you can enjoy all local fiestas that islanders organize. Each village has its own religious, folklore, musical, artistic and culinary festivities. This is exactly the moment when you can immerse yourself in the typical life of local residents. See how they´re entertained and feel free to participate and enjoy the fiestas that are not additionally “overdressed” to be interesting for tourists.

5. The nature comes to life

In Lanzarote the nature revives due to the fresh (not cold) weather in winter.

A few drops of rain do wonders of the hills and fields of Lanzarote mostly on the North than in the South. During the summer the island seems harsh lunar landscape while in the winter it is a beautiful green island with a pleasant subtropical climate. Lovely fields covered with a carpet of yellow and blue wildflowersthere are only in winter. Everyone will look enviously at your beautiful photos!

6. Procession with camels, Los Reyes Magos

Christmas gifts are not delivered by Santa Claus in Spain. There are three kings – Los Reyes Magos (The three wise men), Baltazar, Gaspar y Melchor of the biblical story. They are the ones who bring the gifts for the children. To celebrate this, on January 6th, there will be a camel procession with the Three wise men and their cortège through the towns and villages and sweets will be thrown to the kids. We have an opportunity to see and photograph the camel chain in our South tour. After Christmas and New Year’s Eve we always feel a bit of a slump but attending this celebration is a way to continue with the festive spirit to the New Year.

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